6 Reasons Craft class will start your journey to happiness

In a world where we can be anything, be kind. Right?

So why do so few of us direct that kindness to ourselves?

Surely this is the perfect place to practice said kindness? If only there was time.

Being in your late 50’s or 60’s is not the great emancipation it was fifty years ago.

With the older generation now healthier and living longer, adult children struggling to earn enough to leave the family home and retirement years barely on the horizon for most, finding personal time and space to be yourself is getting harder and harder and feeling overloaded without a personal outlet can really start to get you down.

I feel your pain.

That’s why I’m giving you 6 important reasons why finding a craft class will change your life:


With just under 50,000 participants a recent BBC creativity test showed that being creative helped avoid stress and has emotional benefits that can be felt even after taking part in a single session. The test went on to show that the mental health benefits were culminative and regular engagement showed continued improvement. Additionally, the test showed that trying new things showed an improvement in mood as the time spent being creative was a distraction from stress or anxiety.


Leave work at work, finish on time- You are the priority here.

Go to a creative class at the end of a stressful day, it can help separate your work and your home life. Use it as a contemplation tool, the work-related stresses start to melt away and you’ll get some head space for reflection and not drag unnecessary work thoughts home with you.


Calendar full of dreaded tasks and mandatory appearances? Put something on there for yourself. Taking part in a craft class is more relaxing than you might imagine because here talent doesn’t count. No skills required, it’s the taking part that benefits the health. Scientists even have a phrase for the happy feeling of anticipation- rosy prospection. So being able to bring a relaxing event to the top of your mind can be a wonderful way to get through a rough week.


Taking part in a creative class is a fantastic way to bring out your authentic, loveable self. It’s a bit of self-compassion, showing up each week helps you focus on your strengths and helps you to stop wasting time on things that are not helping your growth. Within you, you will feel amazing things happen, be empowered and unapologetic.


Free yourself- be spontaneous rather than responding to outdated views of colleagues, friends and family. Be yourself. In class, all anyone knows about you is what they can see. Expectations can affect our performance, behaviours and mood, with creativity there is no judgement. Ther are no over complicated situations. You can start trusting and be open to the flow of the universe. Immersing yourself in the making can help with trust issues and negativity.


Most of don’t live as if our time is limited and so, we waste much of it with brain draining tv and social media, this just leads to us feeling tired, depressed and bored. Spending time with other people, designing and making, exercises your brain in positive ways.

It will improve your outlook on life by doing things you enjoy every week and when your mood is good, life seems to feel that little bit easier.

I really wanted to share the benefits I felt from showing up to class sessions each week. Initial introductions can seem overwhelming but are such a tiny part of the experience. During a difficult period in life, I was proud of myself for taking the plunge and signing up for a group with likeminded women who I had never met before. Something beautiful happened to us all. It empowered us and made us all feel worthwhile. That experience impacted so positively on me I now run my own craft classes- community glassmaking sessions, bringing people together weekly for an hour or two for judgement free good laughs and positive vibes.